Biological Log Book

The Biological Log Book module allows information about vaccines and other biologicals along with information about the patient to be electronically collected so this information can be retrieved when needed for recalls or review.

Biological Log Book information that is collected can be customized for your facility if our standard information does not cover all the information that you need.

Clinical Interventions/Pharmacokinetics

This Clinical Interventions/Pharmacokinetics module allows interventions with hospital specific parameters to be entered and saved. Also, when a pharmacokinetic intervention is being entered, kinetics can be calculated for an individual patient and saved with the intervention if needed. This information can be used for reporting or retrieved to review or change anytime after being saved. The patient's most current lab results can also be displayed and used for pharmacokinetic calculations.

Pharmacokinetic calculations can be customized for your facility if our standard calculations do not support the process you are using.

MVisions will install and maintain both of these modules for you. All configuration tables will be maintained by MVisions including entering any initial custom data that you want to add and any data changes that you need after our software is functioning within your facility.