Computerized Provider Order Entry

Critical Care IV Drips

This IV Drips order entry module runs in the same software environment as our other order types and allows prescribers to enter multiple types of medication IV drips orders (dopamine, dobutamine, etc.) and share information with our other CPOE order types so this information can be used by our Clinical Tools to assist prescribers with fluid balancing, etc.

Our IV Drips module uses prescriber order information, your facility defined standard concentrations, minimum and desired fluid rates and fluid balancing parameters along with patient specific parameters to recommend an optimum concentration and rate for each order.

The Joint Commission 2006 National Patient Safety Goal Requirement 3B – When more than one concentration is necessary, the number of concentrations should be limited to the minimum if required to meet patient care needs, such as may be the case in pediatrics or neonatal care, and those concentrations should be standardized. The Rule of Six, which results in individualized concentrations, does not meet the requirements of National Patient Safety Goal 3b.

Our IV Drips software can help you implement this important safety goal by supporting standard concentrations in your facility.

IV Drips Software Features Summary:

Order information can be transferred electronically from the prescriber that enters the order to the preparation system that makes the IV Drips mixture that is administered to the patient. Seamless integration with patient information, laboratory, pharmacy and outsourcing preparation systems (e.g., B. Braun Central Admixture Pharmacy Services - CAPS) or in-house preparation systems (e.g., Baxa Compounder) using Health Level 7 interfaces or system specific interfaces allows this electronic movement of all information.

Advanced Integration converts prescriber order information into instructions for making the mixture that is administered to the patient and then sends all or part of this order and mixture information to all medical computer systems that need this information. If outsourcing or in-house IV Drips preparation systems are not used by your facility, our software can provide printed detailed instructions for preparing the IV Drips mixture manually.

Allows IV Drips order entry for patients of all ages: neonates to adults.

Our IV Drips software is designed to function paperless but order information can be printed automatically or on demand if needed.

Along with the prescriber order entry module for IV Drips, our software also includes a CPOE Approve Order module that allows pharmacists to check, compare and approve all orders for preparation or these orders can be sent directly to your pharmacy system for pharmacists check and approval within your pharmacy system.

Configuration tables allow you to use default order parameters (dosing checking, default order values, dosing guidelines, etc.) or custom parameters supplied by your facility. MVisions will setup and maintain this information for you.

This IV Drips module runs within a software environment that was designed to handle multiple CPOE order types. Once your prescribers become familiar with our user friendly software, adding an additional CPOE order type will only involve adding one new window which will have the same familiar design features as our IV Drips software.

MVisions will install and maintain our IV Drips software for you. All configuration tables will be maintained by MVisions including entering any initial custom data that you want to add and any data changes that you need after our software is functioning within your facility.