Custom Designed and Developed Software

Custom Software

MVisions will design and develop software for you following your specifications. For example, if you have a special type of medication order and would like to add CPOE to improve ordering and processing, we can develop this for you.

Also, if you have other types of processes within your facility that you would like to computerize, we can help you improve these processes. We have many years of experience designing and developing all types of medical software.

This new software can be designed to be integrated with existing MVisions software or we can design software that is independent of our software. We will work with you on the software design before the code is written so that you will know how the end product will function within your facility.

MVisions will install and maintain this new software for you. All configuration tables will be maintained by MVisions including entering any initial custom data that you want to add and any data changes that you need after our software is functioning within your facility.